Alex Kealy – A Kealy’s Heel

Bunbury Magazine – 

Alex Kealy brings a comedy show to Edinburgh Fringe 2018 at perhaps the hardest time in a comedian’s life – when they are happy. However, his particular brand of observational comedy with crisp one-liners is refreshing and original. He is able to talk about a whole range of subjects, from suicide to Brexit, from sport to reality TV with a fantastic speed and sharpness.

His easy charm on the stage disarms the audience, particularly when his comedy pushes on potentially awkward topics, such as anxiety.  The levity in his humour can push through boundaries in a daring way without ever making the audience feel uncomfortable.

This is an hour of self-aware and intelligent comedy from Alex Kealy which weaves between a whole range of subjects seamlessly. This is a bold and daring comedian that should not be missed.

Written by Christopher Moriarty.

Alex Kealy – A Kealy’s Heel

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 1715

Part of The Free Frestival

2nd – 26th August