Barry Dodds – Live in Concert: A Review

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Some of you may know Barry Dodds. All of you SHOULD know Barry Dodds. He’s the cheeky, ghost-believeing co-host of The Parapod.

He is a stand – up comedian. He has been doing stand up comedy for 13 years and unbelievably, 2016 is his first ever time performing at the Edinburgh Fringe. He opens by saying he has put off performing at the Fringe because he didn’t feel worthy enough to be included in the same calibre as other performers bringing shows to Edinburgh.

He then spends the next 45 minutes proving himself wrong with wonderfully crafted stories and top – class audience interaction. He brings his cheekiness to the stage in absolute buckets. 

He even proved himself to be the perfect host. We were in a small, hot, HOT room and he had bought water for the audience. And opened a window! The audience were treated to a silver service whilst watching Olympic-Gold winning comedy.

We highly recommend catching Barry whilst he is up in Edinburgh. A thoroughly funny and lovely chap.

Cabaret Voltaire, 1520, Until 28th August.