Best Music Albums of 2019

First were the best tracks (so far) of 2019, now the long-lasting or poorly called albums, which are increasingly precarious.


It’s tough to catalog the unique style of Fat White Family. They have capacity like nothing else team to share resentment and also evil, yet they make it appear that existing in our time is nothing but ridiculous fun.

For their 3rd album” Serfs Up! “the band takes a trip an acerbic wave, past any kind of indicator of superficial virtue. It is our cd, The Wonderful cd of the week and also the one I have sucked as most in recent times, in addition to the Black Ice Cream. Possibly because they’re asymmetrical and revolutionary, they have nothing to do with the normal.

Fat White Household’s vibrant charism continues to be undamaged on the new album. However, the significant jump that distinguishes it from previous albums is the top quality of setups and also tracks.

There are classy synthesizers, growing strings, Gregorian chants and also sensual guitars. The terrific style is “Feet,” something excellent, by intelligent as well as imagination. It likewise highlights “Tastes Good with the cash” would certainly fit with the Iggy Pop of the era of Berlin. We can’t fail to remember “Feet “however.

It’s not a very easy disk to absorb, but it’s just amazing. Calling the lyrics “avant-garde” would be like calling Jean Genet, an author of children’s publications. “Vaginal area Dentata,” for instance, is nonsense that would certainly not run out location as a soundtrack to surf a magazine on the beach.


In January 2019, along with the release of” Kyoto,” which is a beautiful track, the band announced their second album, “Any Random Kindness.” It was our final album of the week because of its limits beyond expectations. For me, it’s not blind electronic music, as it’s sometimes called. The proof is that guitarist Daniel Vildósola, in this new album reflects this stylistic growth. The sound of the group has improved, taking advantage of a richer sonic for its atmospheric, sensual and dazzling soundscapes.


The last album by the Californian Band the Dream Syndicate, gives the sensation of being a perfect record for the road, although the image they have chosen for the cover evokes a kind of psychedelic river trip. Anyway, it’s a trip that’s worth it. New psychedelia or old. As you hear it. Suggestive tracks and a band that is still very much alive, at the height of their ninth album. The group is another of the victims in the Universal fire. They burned all their masters.


This is their sixth album, “This Is How You Smile,” which takes the name of Jamaica’s Kincaid story “Girl,” a series of appreciation from an immigrant mother to her daughter, as a title and starting point. “Cloudy country” is a small masterpiece. The bilingual verses are built and conversed with each other as a father who speaks to a child in Spanish: “slowly I say to you / because there is no more time / to spend this cloudy country.” The album closes with” my name is for my friends,” in English, a song titled to Remember the parents ‘ advice. It’s full of the ambient sound of a beautiful birthday party.


Broods are the New Zealand duo formed by the brothers Georgia Nott and Caleb Nott, with enormous talent, pushed by Lorde’s producer. His former “Conscious” was a small masterpiece, not far from the elaborate songs, the fresh soundness and the new Southern talent for music.


English, but settled in the United States, is marked by his first musical confession. James ‘ father, who played guitar in a wedding band as a hobby, found young James playing drums at home. Soon after, the band’s drummer couldn’t make it to a concert. So James played that night. As a child prodigy, he has since become an extraordinary musician. Massive composer and with a fantastic first record.


The followers of Bobby Hall, more commonly known as rapper Logic, were ready for their first book, called Supermarket, but were certainly not prepared for such a different record of the same name, as “a soundtrack” from their books. For the album challenging the genre that accompanied it. The collection is vastly different from anything the Maryland-based rapper has done before. Formidable.


A wonderful Norwegian woman who comes to Adele’s territories part-time and her relationships with Coldplay. We can all be seduced by the emotional aspirations of both. But she is more aware of her tics when someone else is imitating and overcoming them. So it’s lovely to hear the programming work on “Sucker Punch” and the progression of fantastic chords from “Don’t Feel like Crying.”


SAVOIR ADORE, this Brooklyn duo is the new confirmation of the quality and style. Bands often talk about “reinvention” when the time comes to promote a new project. For Savoir Adore of Brooklyn, it was more than just a marketing strategy. It’s an anachronistic sound at Savoir Adore. There are vocally dramatic works, strange and great songs. Beautifully executed


The triad Vök, which with” in the Dark,” the band’s 2nd studio album, have arrived. Produced with James Earp (Bipolar Sunlight, Fickle Pals, Lewis Capaldi). Led by the distinct voice of Margrét Explained, “In the Dark” is one of the most powerful of the band to date, discovering brand-new music area as they expand their pop sensibilities with the great songs “Evening & Day” and “Spend the Love” as well as the outstanding “Auto-pilot”, our favorite.