Beth Vyse: As Funny As Cancer

Bunbury Magazine: ★★★★★

Surreal is an understatement. The beginning of the performance emanates warmth and is apparently bombastic but the ‘dream sequence’ folds in so seamlessly into the narrative.

She is a powerhouse of high energy and emotion from start to finish.

There is a fabulous level of audience interaction with onlookers wearing as well as using props. Here improvisational skills are absolutely second to none and it impossible not to be gripped by every part possible.

The pride with which she speaks about her family and the inclusion of little quirks and mannerisms brings the story she tells to life.

I’m sure we’ve all heard shows described ‘you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life’ well, this is one of these rear occasions where it is completely true. The show is a perfect balance of sombre and hilarious and there are beautiful moments where the entire audience is rolling in the isles and the next second, you could hear a pin drop. This is all down to the pure emotion shot through this incredibly brave piece.

This performance appears to be exceptionally cathartic for both performer and audience.

It was a privilege to be part of it.

‘As Funny As Cancer’ – 1620, Heroes @ The Hive, 19th to 30th