Cam Spence & Jodie Mitchell – The New Babes: A Review

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The New Babes presents Cam Spence and Jodie Mitchell, two stand-ups with very different and complimentary styles in a show that is not afraid to take on all sectors of social consciousness – sexuality, politics, the class divide, popular culture.

While this is very much a show of two halves, Cam and Jodie introduce the show with an immediate charm and chemistry that brings the audience into their world straight away.

Jodie Mitchell’s half of the show is a section of stand-up comedy that showcases her surreal eye for detail, full of beautiful and sharp-witted imagery and strong messages that cannot be ignored. The high point for me was one of the darkest and most poetic deconstructions of the Teletubbies I have ever heard. Cam Spence demonstrates her comedic talents with character comedy – from a sadistic clinic counsellor to a blindingly left-field parody of the aristocracy, this is dark comedy with a beautiful rhythm.

Cam and Jodie both demonstrate a fierce comedic talent in this hour of comedy which takes no prisoners.

Written by Christopher Moriarty

Cam Spence and Jodie Mitchell: The New Babes

1210 at The Banshee Labyrinth, part of PBH Free Fringe

5th – 25th (except 14th)