Celebrity Fashion Trends

Although it is almost autumn, the temperature still allows us to wear short garments and show legs. So you know, get an excellent high-boots look and pick a matching bag. I Arrasarás!

  1. Top 1: Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung has made the top of our list for being able to wear shorts like nobody else. Thanks to her and this look that has led to the Prada parade, we have discovered that shorts with shirt and-attention-boots (we show you how to wear them), are the star combination of this month.

  1. Top 2: Gala González

The It Girl Gala González has razed Milan Fashion Week with this look that can be reinvented in a thousand colors: total black look below, and a yellow raincoat (extra-long, as you will wear this winter) on top. Choose your favorite tone and to shine!

  1. Top 3: Stella Maxwell

Victoria’s Secret Angel is always a great inspiration. For the Fashion for Relief party, Stella Maxwell wore this very stylish white lace and long sleeve dress.

  1. Top 4: Olivia Palermo

How could Olivia Palermo not be on our list? If a few days ago she taught us how to combine the most fashionable skirt of autumn, today she shows us that she is the most stylish wearing this jacket suit. Bravo! For her!

  1. Top 5: Karlie Kloss

If you have taken a look at the prints that will be taken in the fall, you will have discovered that the animal print is one of them. That’s why the leopard print shoes that Karlie Kloss has made are the focus of the look. Besides leather pants, of course.

  1. Top 6: Chiara Ferragni

You have to be brave to put on a complete look as bold as Chiara Ferragni’s dress, although at the same time the tone is very characteristic of her: she always wears it, even in her sneakers. If you like to show the abdomen, this dress with an opening in the belly is perfect.

  1. Top 7: Emily Ratajkowsky

The model has discovered an unexpected new accessory for this autumn: a bouquet. And not what we say in jest: Emily Ratajkowsky has walked her attractive body for New York with blazer sleeves oversize (a trend of New York Fashion Week very well done), some sneakers and a few flowers covering his face. No words.

  1. Top 8: Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk has put on a simple but forceful look: some black shorts and sweatshirt informally and, to step hard and wear legs, she has put on a maxi snake-printed boots. It doesn’t go, unnoticed!

  1. Top 9: Kate Moss

A few public appearances ago, but when we see her, we remember that Kate Moss of unmistakable style. She’s the first person we see in stockings this season, though, but the outfit is very her: wearing legs. Well, he does.

  1. Top 10: Hailey Baldwin

Is it clear to you that high boots with short garments are worn? Just in case, Hailey Balwin reminds you.