Dan Nicholas: Reverb

Bunbury  Magazine: ★★★★

This is a show which uses the negative spaces in language.

The narrative is so involved and must be paid attention to if the full experience of ‘Reverb is to be appreciated.

Right the way throughout, Nicholas proves himself as a great communicator with exceptional skills when it comes to working the room. He has an endearing presence that sucks the awkwardness audiences feel when asked to participate in anything right out of the room. There is no place for shyness here.

The show is surreal to say the least but has a different kind of momentum to others and is definitely worth seeing. Characters are brought to life and the multimedia aspect adds layer upon layer of enjoyment to anyone with an ear for a good tale.

Explore the love story of Terrance The Crocodile and Julia The Mannequin like never… before?

This is a very talented man who can craft a story with ease and grace.

Reverb – 15:40 – The Mash House – Duration