Daphna Baram: Something To Declare

Bunbury Magazine: ★★★★★

This Alternative look at British life and Britishness from the outside and a look into the performer’s culture is superbly refreshing and in parts, biting. With questions on Britishness relating to such heady topics as what to do if you spill someone’s pint and what bird is usually eaten on Christmas Day, audience members are encouraged to shout out the answers. Daphna Baram had no problem whatsoever in getting a response, as her command of the room was masterful.

The introspective regarding life in the country she was brought up in was approached in a way that could only have been acceptable if done by her. Her fantastic way with words and bone dry humour has the room in fits of laughter and as the characters and scenarios are built up, the show becomes nothing short of enveloping. The bi-lingual element adds depth, texture and vibrancy to an already excellent piece.

This is a fine example of the audience being spoken to as if they were all firm old friends and Baram is so bubbly, even the edgiest of topic is covered seamlessly and comfortably.

Listening to this performance really does bring a few home truths to mind but it’s a more than comfortable journey.

Daphna Baram: Something To Declare – Just The Tonic at the Caves – 14:50 Duration