Dave Chawner – C’est La Vegan

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I am going to say this nice and early in the review – Dave Chawner is possibly the nicest person performing on the circuit today.
He is also one of the most thought-provoking comedians I have ever seen. This year’s show, C’est La Vegan, is about his personal transition from being a vegetarian to becoming a vegan. Along the way, he delivers very personal comedy about his family, girlfriend and growing up. The laughs comes thick and fast and he has an innate understanding of how to craft a punchline full of cheek and glee. His jokes are often grounded in reality with splashes of absurd imagery to keep the audience guessing – I, for one, can never tell where Dave is going to take an idea but I know that I will be laughing my proverbial off when I arrive.
In amongst the rapid-fire comedy, Dave always delivers a message. He is not afraid to tackle issues such as anorexia, fat-shaming, mental health issues. No matter what he is talking about, it is always handled with a sensitivity and charm that easily disarms any audience and leaves them with ideas and thoughts to take away.
My favourite part of the show was when he was talking about the ideas of Spinoza, the philosopher that inspired him to make the changes he has made. Until this point, the language Dave used spoke to a high deal of intelligence. Then, talking about Spinoza, the language breaks into street – Spinoza done a lot of writings and shit, according to Chawner. This had me in ruins laughing. I wouldn’t normally reveal this much about a show but I really had to!
I shall repeat what I said at the start. Dave Chawner is one of the nicest people performing comedy today. His easy charm, wit and overall loveliness create a phenomenal atmosphere in the room. Go along and get swept away.
Dave Chawner – C’est La Vegan.

Part of The Free Festival.

The Counting House.


Until 27th.

Written by Christopher Moriarty.