Do The Write Thing Meets Transdimensional Space Goats – 28/07/15

Do The Write Thing Meets Transdimensional Space Goats – 28/07/15


3 years ago

What happens when Transdimensional Space Goats Do The Write Thing? Well, you get Do The Write Thing meets Transdimensional Space Goats. Have we said the titles enough? Never! The 28th July saw a very special event at Bar Ten in Bury. TSG, one of the friendliest and most exciting poetry events in Manchester brought their damn excellent vibe to DTWT, Bury’s foremost regular poetry event (that’s how we see ourselves, anyway and dammit, we’re proud of what we do!)

You know the drill by now, we have open mic people giving us flashes of brilliance and headliners drawing our ear-based pleasure out over longer so let’s get to it!

Judgement Dave kicked us off with a brilliant poem he wrote in the shower an hour before he turned up (and how we loved the imagery that put in our minds!), James Whitrow came for the first time with his impassioned rhymes, DTWT regulars Lorraine and Fiona brought some deep, powerful verse to the event, tales of magic knickers and noodle soup (only here can you get two far-flung topics blending together seamlessly) and the last open-micer of the first half was D.G. Jones, who we have not had the pleasure of at our night before but we do hope he comes again!

The first half was wrapped up by one of our favourites – Karen Little. She was an Honorary Goat for the night and, given the amazing amount of support she has given us in all of our endeavours, she has more than earned the title of Honorary Write-Thing-er (awkward title for it? Suggestions on a post-card.) We had the honour of hearing a lot of new pieces from her.

Karen Little

During the break, we like to play a little game. We put little bottles of letters out for everyone to use to make funny phrases, usually on the quite sweary or rude side. This was our favourite of the night, courtesy of Judgement Dave and Joshua Mackle (about whom ye shall hear in a minute.)

Told you it was rude!

The second half kicked off with Space Goat Joshua Mackle, the self-described ‘mouth’ of TSG and from that mouth came some very wonderful and heart-felt poems covering love, loss and everything in between. It was truly a pleasure to have such a great poet delight us with his beautiful pieces.

Joshua Mackle

The open micers for the second half did not disappoint either! Chris Bainbridge, another fantastic regular, brought the topical to the night, Nick Monks came back with some more very nice pieces before new Write-Thing-ers (still not sure about that) Emil and Jan took us on a great walk down memory lane. Jan regaled us with a tale of a trip to Blackpool and Emil talked about his poignant war experiences. The open mic portion was wrapped up by Joe Roberts, with his usual brand of touching prose and Alan Rick gave us the Grimlaut family.

Our final headliner for the night, organiser of TSG, was Space Goat Andrew Lawson. His first poem revealed the meaning behind what a Transdimensional Space Goat is (it is something that we often wonder about!). He brought some new poetry as well as a few of our favourites. He is always a pleasure to have at our events.

At the end of the night, we gave the three Spaces Goats some special presents. A poster of the event signed by everyone who performed on the night and a painting made by the very talented Keri.

All in all, we think it was the best turn-out we’ve had at the event and we just want to thank everyone who turned up, listened, performed and were generally jovial! A massive thanks to Karen, Josh and Drew for coming down. We love these people a lot! You should go to their next event – 13th August at New York New York in Manchester’s Gay Village.

And come to our next event – 15th September. We shall reveal more details later but it’s gonna be a good one again!

The whole thing was hosted by these two lovely people!

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