Do The Write Thing: The First Rule Of Write Club – 23/06/15

The first rule of Write Club: Please tell people about the evening because it really means a lot when people turn up.

That is what we had last night for the latest installment of Do The Write Thing – really great turn-out of both performers and just those who love spoken word.

As always we had open mic spots and headliners contributing to a wonderful night of poetry and story-telling.

The second rule of Write Club: If you want to perform, bring some of your brilliant poems to perform for a warm and accepting crowd. That is exactly what these lovely people did.

Dave MorganKaren LittleJudgement DaveChris BainbridgeLorraine Beckett-Murray

The first half saw Dave Morgan opening the night in great style, Karen Little returning – she had bought a miner’s lamp to be able to see her poems but the sun shone beautifully through! Judgement Dave performed here for the first time – our judgement? Awesome! Chris Bainbridge came back to our event with some brilliantly topical and moving poetry and Lorraine, owner of the fine establishment and home to Do The Write Thing, Bar Ten, closed off the open-mic segment of the first half with poems of her usual delightful style.

What can we say about the headliner of the first half, Elizabeth Tyrrell. First, forget everything you know about spoken word. Her performance was full of wonderfully varied pieces and it was a pleasure to have her at the event.

20150623_210523Elizabeth Tyrrell

The third rule of Write Club: in the break, mingle, get a drink, relax and prepare yourself for an awesome second half. After the break, we kicked off with our second headliner of the night, Dave Viney. We went to his book launch a couple of weeks ago for a collection called A Poet Called Dave. The highlight of his set with us was his letter to Brian Reid at Northern Rail Customer Service, which is absolutely hilarious. We highly recommend getting over to FlapJack Press and getting a copy. He works tirelessly for his passion and deserves all your support!

20150623_214404Dave Viney

The second half proceeded with more open-mic spots from some lovely people. Alex Wight, headliner from last time, came back to deliver more impassioned poetry. Nick Woods kept the ball rolling with some lovely pieces before Stephanie Portersmith (apologies to her, we lost the photos we took but have found one from our fundraiser. We hope that is OK!) returned to DTWT once more with some more fantastic poetry. Fiona Nuttall, a stalwart of our regular writing group, closed off the show with some enviably good poetry!

Alex WightNick WoodsStephanie PortersmithFiona Nuttall

And the whole thing was hosted by these two lovely people:

Keri-Ann EdwardsChristopher Moriarty

So that is that. What an absolutely great night once again. Thanks so much to everyone who came along, to read, watch, listen, drink, all of the things! The next one is 28th July where we will have some very special guests. Until next time, remember:

You’re not your job. You’re not how much money you have in the bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your khakis. You are poets, the all-reading lovelies of the world.