Edinburgh Fringe 2015

This year, Christopher and Keri, company directors of Bunbury Publishing LTD and co-chief editors of Bunbury Magazine, are heading to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. We are building a feature on the very best entertainment the Fringe has to offer – comedy, music, spoken word, theatre and everything in between! Our focus is on what the Free Fringe, in all its incarnations, has to offer. We want to give a spotlight to those that the BBC are not going to show for months after the festival has finished. We want to showcase those that work incredibly hard doing free shows – those who make the Fringe as brilliant as it is!

We are up for five days and intend to see as many shows as possible. Last year, in the same amount of time, between us we saw about 60 shows!

We are looking for people putting on shows of any kind to get in touch for an interview for the feature. We cannot guarantee we will be able to get to your show but, if you get chance, come and find us and get an interview pack. We will be updating where we are on Twitter so follow us on @BunburyPublish and get in touch. We are going to try our very best to see the shows of all those who get in touch with us and if we don’t, we willt ry our best to get an interview pack to you some other way!

If you want to talk to us beforehand, please email us on [email protected]

To get a flavour of what we do, here is the issue with last year’s Fringe Feature. It was a cracker!

Issue Six: Memory with Fringe 2014 FeatureIssue Six: Memory with Fringe 2014 Feature

We should also add that there will be a third member of our party. She will be dying to meet up and will definitely want a picture with you. Meet Titania: