Editor Christopher -Self-Evaluation Week Ending 25/01/15

So this has come a little late but it is time for last week’s self-evaluation. No picture this week because my phone is currently dead.

Health – I did the gym so that was all good. I do the running at the gym so that one is easy enough. My cigarette-quitting isn’t going anywhere really. And I failed on the ‘No Snacks’ front. There was a box of Maltesers and I was weak… (Score: 3/5. Last week: 3/5)

Writing/ Performance – As you know, I am doing my #PoemADayForAYear so two poems a week is easy enough, though it does not leave time at the moment to do short stories. The daily blog is taken care, though as you saw from my previous post, some wish it wasn’t! I haven’t submitted any pieces this week because I have been concentrating on building the magazine presence but we did go to a very productive poetry night. We have been asked to help organised another event which is very exciting. There will be more to follow on that. (Score: 3/5 Last Week: 2/5)

Learning – I have fallen behind again with my OU reading but am endeavouring to catch up soon. I have not had chance to get to the library either. I just don’t have the time to get involved with the forums though given how much I am struggling with the course I really should! My guitar hasn’t really been picked up either, which is quite sad. I do still love puzzles though! (Score: 1/5 Last Week 1 1/2 / 5)

Magazine/Event – We are always plugging away with the magazine here, trying to get as many people reading it as possible, both current and past issues. Along with that, we always do a call for submissions. We have locked days in for our future Do The Write Thing events and have been spreading the word, trying to get headliners booked. Keri has been doing LinkedIn forums for us so I have been a little cheeky and claimed half a point on her behalf. (Score 4/5 Last Week: 4/5)

Management/Productivity – I didn’t really go anywhere so my budget was easy to manage. I was applying for jobs every day and finally got a new one! Finally out of the place that did me so much damage. My sleeping patterns we knackered though so failure there. (Score: 3/5 Last Week: 2/5)

Contribution – We did a lovely date night last week which was so nice and relaxed. We went to the poetry event and had a really nice time. I go and see my mummy often. Never got the chance to help a stranger really. Actually yes! Offering very talented people a feature in the magazine. For the first ever time… (Score: 5/5 Last Week: 2/5)

Vision/Ethics – All this was a big win. I visualised every day and now have very clearly-defined goals for the net six months. This is my self-rededication. All in all, I made some great strides towards positivity this week. (Score: 5/5 Last Week: 4/5)

Total Score – 24.5/35 – 70% Last Week – 18.5/ 35 – 52%

A hell of a better week. Once I got the new job, things just perked up straight away!

Anyway, this was a quick one but Keri wants head-rubs so ta-ta for now!