Editor Christopher Writes – A Poem A Day For A Year: 08/02/15

This blog is being written in lieu of doing my university reading at the moment. I have spent the last four hours trying to get my head around what is being said and it just is not sinking in. Why did I choose philosophy? I guess in equal parts I can blame my hubris, arrogance and pretentiousness really. I am by no means an unintelligent man. I hope this has been coming across and I also hope you do not see that as arrogant in itself, even though I have just previously said that I am arrogant at times. I am nothing if not an unreliable narrator for my own life.

Anyway, yes. I figured I could turn my hand to philosophy because I think about things from time to time and that’s all philosophy is, right? Having thoughts. Turns out those thoughts have to be coherent with citations from relevant source material and blah blah blah. On a serious note, whenever I have studied anything formally I have always chosen the hardest route available so as to have the most rewarding experience and try and grow as much as possible as a person and expand my knowledge base. This module, however, has been a massive struggle. I am honestly starting to panic a little about passing it. I will pass it. I will endeavour through the mental roadblocks and general incomprehension I am experiencing.

I honestly wanted the course material to inform my writing at least a little. Turns out studying is really academic. Maybe the last two modules I completed – both creative writing ones – made me forget that I can;t just open up a blank page, let words tumble out and then apply magnificent artistic justification.

Enough about those things though. Those things are being taken care of. Remember yesterday we said we had some very exciting news? Well, I going to divulge some of it to you all now.

In April we will be involved with the #RotationCuration of the Twitter account WeAreManc This is a fantastic opportunity for us to not only spread the word about what we do here at Bunbury but to also help throw some great expose on the grass-roots poetry scene and performance poetry circuit in the local area. Very excited about this.

Last night, Keri and myself sat writing an interview and then making it all fanciful for one of our favourite *redacted*. *redacted*, who played *redacted*. *redacted* will be talking to us about *redacted* and just about anything really! I almost wet myself when we made contact and *redacted* agreed. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we also have *redacted*, who played *redacted*, talking to us about *redacted*. Oh my, it was almost too much for us!

We have also started creating regular micro-poetry prompts on our Twitter Account, @MagazineBunbury Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 12pm G.M.T we will will posting a prompt for all you dear Bunburyists to use to get some words flowing, pens scratching, keyboards rattling. A list of all the prompts (once I have chance to set it up) will be found here: #BunburyEzine

That is all for now really.

Here is a poem. The prompt comes from SoulHoot and is ‘blurred dreams’.

I hate these blurred dreams,

We know you need it

Lay back and take it

while we castrate you

’cause you’re a monster.

Happy thoughts.

Well that was a short poem. How about more?

More you say? Well here you go!

Here is (yet) a(nother) poem. The prompt is ‘evocative’ from Heart Soup

We advocate evocative 

provocate proclivities

decline to decline

consumption conjugating

verbs we’re not

because we are

perfect enough.

One last one for all you lovely people.

Here is a poem. Prompt courtesy of FieryVerse can be found here

Take milk?

she asks, bent over me,

shirt open, throat exposed. Yes.

Hours on I wish I’d had

the nerve to say I’m

lactose intolerant.