Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 03/03/15

First thing’s first, even before I have put the title in yet, I just heard on the radio that Carly Rae Jepsen has a new song coming out. I think now is the time to smash all music recording equipment in the world into tiny, un-reconstructible pieces to stop this kind of thing. Let’s have bands and recording artists going back on to the streets to play their songs. That way, you only have to hear them if you like them. Jepsen’s little performing spot can be in a quarry. I know this will be detrimental for the genuinely good current people recording music like…um…wait. There is one, I know this. Huh.

Oh! The Yardbirds. They’re current, right? At the very least they are timeless which is close enough. Let’s get The Yardbirds back together. Can’t be that hard to organise.

Anyway, last weekend Keri came across a community group on Facebook called ‘Your Tattoos Make You a Horrible Mother.’ I’m not putting the link on here as I would usually do because I don’t like the thought that our page here would drive traffic for them. Now, the stance of this group is at best, moronic. At worst, it is really dangerous. Yes, some tattoos do have  dark connotations. The tattoos gangs like the Triads get for killing some many people. Then there are prison tattoos. There are many more examples.

And yes, I must admit myself that, despite al the open-mindedness I try to exude to everything, when someone walks past with a face covered in ink, I do have to look twice and feel a little ropey. Unfortunately I, like most people, have been subject to social conditioning towards things like this. I know full well that Mr/s FaceTattoo could be the loveliest person in the world, or the biggest arsehole on the planet. The tattoos have nothing to do with it. Look at the wider context in which those tattoos are placed. Even then, if you only take the looks into consideration, you are selling both yourself and the person short. As with everything, get to know the person before judging them.

As for this group, they are saying that babies with tattooed mothers are speeding head-first into a life of heroin, crime and sexually-transmitted disease. I don’t even have the energy to explain here how cretinous this point-of-view is. Are you seriously saying that if a woman has a butterfly tattoo on her ankle, she’s going to be shooting up over the crib? I think maybe that the person who started this group was dumped by a girl who has tattoos. Dumped for being stupid. And probably having a small penis. Definitely a small penis but I do not want to be libelled so I use the word ‘probably’ instead’.

Here is a poem. the prompt is a picture of an eye close-up, filled with sky. I do not know how to pull the image off off Twitter for here but it was posted by DarkerSidePoet

Pitch blue, perfect with cloud-speckled

skies filled your eyes. Eyes with wistful

sighs and smiles of wry. Smiles that carried

for miles and miles

and miles through time, that wry smile

that became mine. Mine to share for you

and I and me and you, for me and mine,

yes you and I.

In that time and in the place with eyes

filled with skies we laughed and we cried

because time had conspired to help us find

each other, wry old time.

Sly old time.

Better than a perfect piece of pie old time.

You really hit the bullseye.

At times, we could fly, into that sky

in our eyes, there were no flies on us,

perfect for better-worse allies.

Neither time nor location could bind

our relations, no passage of chronology

belie our biology.

But time it does fly,

and the skies in our eyes

start to whither and die.

And that ally of time,

that conspired to find

us two as allies,

well, he does lie.

And now here you lie,

ready to fly on your final flight,

to the skies that brought your eyes and

my eyes together, you and I and me

and mine to life for life

and so damn alive.