Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 30/06/15 + 01 & 02/07/15


Here is a poem. The prompt is ‘scent of decadence’ by #MadVerse.

The scent of decadence precedes

the stench of decay from

neglected morals,

withered ideals left

to rot outside 5-star suites.


So today I have decided to do an actual blog post. I know it has been a while but I read an article today that really made me mad. Inevitably, this blog post will fail to properly take the issue to task, run out of energy half-way through and end with an ill-conceived joke. So strap in folks!

The article in question is entitled ‘If you’re straight you need to stop using rainbow profile pics’ by Charles White. Now, aside from the fact that there needs to be a comma in that sentence – something a DEPUTY EDITOR should really know – this entire article comes across like one man moaning about something that really does not need to be moaned about. As you all know, last week equal marriage was passed in America. A landmark day.

Now I’m not here to say to the LGBT community ‘you’ve got equal marriage now stop moaning.’ I won’t say that for a few reasons. One, I don’t actual believe that. Two,  it’s incredible insensitive. I know that there are still a whole world of injustices that the LGBT community suffer and that, while being able to get married is a huge step in the right direction, it does not mean that the injustices are automatically written off. This is why Pride and the rainbow flag are still so important in trying to fight this. That is why millions of people used the in-Facebook profile picture editor to change their pictures to a rainbow colourisation – to acknowledge the incredible work campaigners have done and to show their support.

I myself am not gay and I changed my profile picture on Facebook to show support. This, apparently, is something that makes Mr White very angry. According to him, straight people should not be showing their support for a cause they ‘have not fought for.’ He also used the example of the charity wristbands as a way people show their ‘slacktivism’ towards causes. He says that things like this are done while a cause is fashionable and once the media spotlight has gone away, no-one cares. Wristbands are binned and Facebook profile pictures are changed back to something promoting the person rather than a cause.

There he may have a point. Yes, it is easy to do something quick like this to show support for a cause whilst the world’s glare is on the cause. But then again, that’s how things work today. God knows, I am not the biggest advocate for modern society but there is that much…stuff going on that if something does not have a light shone on it, it is sometimes less noticeable.

So yes, not everyone is quite an entrenched in every single political / charitable / whatever cause under the sun but that does not mean we cannot find ways to show support. If everyone threw themselves into fighting with all their spirit and body for everything that could be believed in a) most people would be dead and b) those not dead would be insane because you can’t take the full weight of the entire world’s problems onto your shoulders.

I, for example, am all for gay marriage. As I said, I changed my profile picture to show support and congratulations towards those who have fought for equal marriage. No, I was not in trenches with them but I do not feel like I do not have the right to show my support.

Mr White saying we should not show support for cause that we have not been involved in is the same as saying we should not wear poppies for Remembrance Sunday. It’s fucking insane. If no-one had shown support I’m sure he would have fucking moaned about that too. As far as I can tell, he’s an uppity arsehole who plied his trade moaning about the fact that LGBT people cannot get married and now that they can, he has nothing to moan about so is grasping at straws.

Stop moaning mate.

Here is a poem.

He drips poison from a wound

he opened himself with the rusted

nib of an ancient pen.

The paper has long since eroded,

along with the patience of those

who did laud his diatribes.

He daubs virulent ink across

walls and tress,

pavements and vehicles,

his well infinite as his ire

and both as ineffective as the other.

In time, purification pours

from the skies and washes his

petulance away.


Here is a poem. The prompt is ‘The Reflection of Narcissus’ by #SpeakPoetry

The face in the pool

winks, shimmies,

uses its all to draw in

those as two-dimensional

as it is.