Editors Christopher & Keri – #PoemADayForAYear: 17/04/15. NaPoWriMo Day Seventeen

The back of NaPoWriMo has now been broken. I wish I could say the same for PoemADayForAYear.

Here are our poems. The prompt from NaPoWriMo.net was a little confusing but I think the gist is to write a poem about yourself as though they were updates on social media.


@Christopher woke up today. It was a good day. Sometimes the expected happens.

@Christopher poured some bovine lactation onto staple crops in a ceramic receptacle. It was a thing.

@Christopher brushed my teeth sometime around noon. I only have one sock on and a hole in my underwear.

@Christopher Today is a day for writing poems and doing uni work. Good things afoot today.

@MonkeyChin89 No1 carezz mate. Whys done yuu go an work fo a livin like da rest of us?

@Christopher Played FIFA for 3 hours. My coffee went cold. Uni book still open on the same page. Productivity ho!

@MonkeyChin89 I bet yuu is shit at FIFA. Ill play yuu some time and propa boss on yuus.

@Christopher There’s a penis on my timeline. Don’t need one there. In my pants yes, not on my timeline.

@MonkeyChin89 Yuu wantz me in your pantz? You a gay or somefing?

@Christopher No. I’m not and I will not tolerate that kind of homophobia. Not from someone with a SpunkyChin.

@MonkeyChin89 It sayz MONKEYChin. Yuu cant even read mayte. No wonder yuu cant getta job.

@Christopher SpunkyChin is mad. Do not anger SpunkyChin. Fear the globulous wrath of SpunkyChin!

@MonkeyChin89 Dude, yuu are sooo immature.

@Christopher Yes. Yes I am. And I do have a job.

@MonkeyChin Wot, cleanin shitty toiletzz or somefing?

@Christopher No. Your mum hired me to mop your SpunkyChin.

@MonkeyChin89 Mayte, tyuu atre annoyinn. Grow upp.

@Christopher The SpunkyChin must be obeyed. All hail SpunkyChin.

@MonkeyChin89 Im goin. Wankah.

@Christopher Today has been a day for being a dick to idiots. It feels good. Tomorrow, philosophy. Bah.


After a long hard week,

A cigarette.

Despite having quit almost

Five months earlier.

Lady nicotine Is a

Fickle bitch.