Fiona Sagar – Sagar Dreamcast: A Review

Bunbury Magazine – 

Just as the show is about to start, Fiona hears her granny making her way to the room. Being the dutiful granddaughter, she goes to help ‘Granny’ in. Upon her arrival, ‘Granny’ is a fiercely funny reflection of a generation that believes the youth are wasting their time chasing their dreams, and perfectly shows Fiona’s superb ability to step into a character and work with in-the-moment energy gained from audience interaction, weaving it seamlessly with incredibly polished material.

This is a show which sees a whole spectrum of characters brought to life on the stage by Sagar’s faultless performance – a nursery school supply-teacher which was perfectly observed with a dark edge; a ‘man’s man’ who running a ‘saucy dating space’; a 1920’s (ish) Deep-South wife and a talking animal. Through each of these, there is a strong, clear and hard-hitting message about the strength of women and the toxic masculinity which continues to undermine. It is a narrative that carries the comedy down dark and unexpected turns. Each character’s stereotypes are thrown into both the light and the dark.

Fiona is a performer with a wealth of talent and brings it to the stage with a great amount of energy and verve.

Written by Christopher Moriarty.

Fiona Sagar – Sagar Dreamcast

Laughing Horse @ City Cafe, 1810

2nd – 26th August (except 14th)