Fish Finger Fridays – Fun Time Friends

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It’s not often that a sketch comedy troupe comes along, sees the rule book, reads the rule and decides to leave the rule book firmly in its wake. The sketch troupe in this instance is Fish Finger Fridays, made up of Anna Harris, Rajiv Karia Ollie Jones-Evans, who have brought a fun, energetic and very clever show to Edinburgh.

What Fish Finger Fridays do very well is to identify the tropes and stereotypes of being female or Asian in comedy, in entertainment and in life at large and turning these tropes on their head. The twists each sketch takes, planting the audience’s feet on the rub before whipping it away from under them, were incredibly clever and the energy and chemistry between the three Fun Time Friends washed over the audience in a fantastic manner.

Plus, I always love to see someone call a badger a dickhead.

The show was rounded up with a sketch about the Fun Time Friends watching the show as audience members of the Fish Finger Fridays show and so on…my brain hurts. Either way, it was a fresh take on ending the show with the obligatory ‘It’s free to get in…’ spiel. For an hour of irreverent and fresh sketch comedy, you should go and make some new Fun Time Friends.

Fish Finger Fridays – Fun Time Friends.

Part of the PBH Free Fringe.

Black Market.


Until 26th August.

Written By Christopher Moriarty.