Hannah Moss: Meadow by Meadow – A Review

Opium Bar, 6.15, 4-11th August

Bunbury Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hannah Moss’s character-comedy ‘Meadow by Meadow’ is her solo debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and its fantastically unsettling.

Moss is a highly physical performer, and though her level of audience participation is well out of the average person’s comfort zone, her ability to break the ice without breaking character is both fascinating and exciting.

To quote the show’s tagline,, “the rules are: there are no rules”, and within minutes this is evident. The show twists and turns, leaving you clueless, and sometimes a little apprehensive as to what’s coming next, but Moss delivers each and every time.

The show proves Moss to be a risk taker, and its pays off in her remarkable sense of authority as a performer, as she draws the audience into her wild shenanigans. Meadow is a brave and audacious character, and for much of the time you don’t know whether to think her sinister or silly. Moss’s delivery confirms the balance brilliantly.

For anyone who likes dark comedy combined with edge-of-seat uncertainty, Hannah Moss is absolutely one to watch.