Just Write Speaks 2018 – 24/04/18: Genevieve L Walsh and Rose Condo


Just Write Speaks is back, guys! Another edition of the live spoken word event hosted by Bunbury Publishing. This event is a feast of spectacular poetry from Genevieve L Walsh and Rose Condo.

Geneviève L. Walsh is a Yorkshire-raised Londoner and writer of poetry that ‘shines an unforgiving light on contemporary life and manners, doing so with words which are full of sometimes shocking honesty’ (WF Live). She’s taken her work about alienation, inebriation and pop music to every kind of stage from tiny backstreet pubs to major festivals since her stage debut in 2012. She is proudly Epileptic, proudly Bisexual and unavoidably Goth.

Go to www.genevievelwalsh.com to find out more.

Rose Condo is a multiple slam-winning Canadian poet, Rose’s work is ‘honest, unflinching and deeply human’ (Dominic Berry, Glastonbury Poet in Residence 2017). She has performed across the UK, including supporting Shane Koyczan and Hollie McNish. Her show ‘How To Starve An Artist’ was Saboteur’s Runner Up Best Spoken Word Show 2017. Rose hosts Queenie’s Coffee House Nights at the Lawrence Batley Theatre and runs creative writing workshops for young people and adults.

Go to www.rosecondo.net to find out more!

The open micers for this event were:

In the first half, Paul Jenkins, Pete Slater, Ros Ballinger and Chris Neilson.

In the 2nd half, Fiona Nuttall, Matthew Crossley, Greg Nowell and Zoe Jenkinson (not Jackson!).

WARNING – This has been edited by Christopher and he has no idea what he is doing. The sound may get a little loud from time to time so do not listen to it at full volume!

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Just Write Speaks is a monthly event hosted at The Old White Lion in Bury. Whilst the venue is free, we do like to make sure we can cover the cost of our headliners’ travel and what not. If you enjoyed this, please consider clicking the link below to donate to us via PayPal. Over an hour of entertainment must be worth about £5. We may even be able to get Christopher some lessons on how to use Audacity!

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Just Write Speaks is a Bunbury Publishing Ltd. production for the internet. It was devised by Christopher Moriarty & Keri Moriarty. It was hosted by Christopher Moriarty & Keri Moriarty and Malika Street.