Just Write Speaks 2018 – 27/03/18: Mike Bedigan & Rosa Wright


Welcome to another edition of Just Write Speaks, the live spoken word event from Bunbury Publishing! The headliners for this event were Mike Bedigan and Rosa Wright.

If you enjoyed Rosa’s words, she’s doing a show on 5th July at Gulliver’s NQ in Manchester. It’s called The Love Calculator and can details can be found by clicking the show title.

The open micer’s for this event were Matthew Hadfield, Paul Grace, Fiona Nuttall, Broccan Tyzack-Carlin, Elaine Biddulph and Greg Nowell.

WARNING – This has been edited by Christopher and he has no idea what he is doing. The sound may get a little loud from time to time so do not listen to it at full volume!

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Just Write Speaks is a monthly event hosted at The Old White Lion in Bury. Whilst the venue is free, we do like to make sure we can cover the cost of our headliners’ travel and what not. If you enjoyed this, please consider clicking the link below to donate to us via PayPal. Almost an hour of entertainment must be worth about £5. We may even be able to get Christopher some lessons on how to use Audacity!