Just Write Speaks 2018 – 29/05/18: Lisa Bower and Haiku Death Match


May the return of Just Write Speaks be with you! The regular spoken word event from Bunbury Publishing is back in your ears for another event of live poetry and general funny business (not like that). This time round, our headliner was the wonderful Lisa Bower.

Lisa Bower is from Liverpool – but has lived in Blackpool so long all but the twang has faded away. She is a lecturer of English Language, a writer of children’s fiction and organiser of the Pub Poets’. In poetry she writes about female experience from the perspective of women who don’t always have the freedom to explore feminism, focusing on the intersectionality of class and womanhood. She is a firm believer in education and sexual liberation, as well as owning up to only being able to do the best that we can do.

Lisa likes pink stationery, Terry Pratchett and a well made old fashioned. You can find her on Twitter: @LKpreztoday

She is also the host of the wonderful Pub Poets in Blackpool, alongside Ashley R Lister.

Speaking of, this event we had the honour of hosting Pub Poets’ Haiku Death Match: 8 poets enter, 1 is left standing victorious as they all compete in knockout rounds to claim the winning spot. The competitors were Christopher Moriarty, Broccan Tyzack-Carlin, Keri Moriarty, Rosa Wright, Paul Jenkins, Fiona Nuttall, Christopher Bowles and Malika Street.

The open micers this time were:

In the first half, Chris Neilson, Rosa Wright, Paul Jenkins, Matthew Hadfield and Greg Nowell.

In the second half, Elaine Biddulph, Christopher Bowles, Broccan Tyzack-Carlin, Fiona Nuttall and Mike Bedigan.

WARNING – This has been edited by Christopher and he has no idea what he is doing. The sound may get a little loud from time to time so do not listen to it at full volume!

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Just Write Speaks is a Bunbury Publishing Ltd. production for the internet. It was devised by Christopher Moriarty & Keri Moriarty. It was hosted by Christopher Moriarty & Keri Moriarty and Malika Street.