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  1. “Terminator: Dark Fate” already has a release date in Colombia

The only thing that is known about the plot is that the story happens after the events in “Terminator 2: the final judgment”.

“Terminator: dark fate,“ the film that brings together the original cast of the first two installments, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and Edward Furlong, will be released in Colombia on October 31, 2019, under the name “Terminator: hidden destination.”

This delivery also involved Colombian actress Natalia Reyes in the role of the protected Dani Ramos, who will have to escape from new T-1000, accompanied by a great cast, Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna, and Diego Boneta, under the direction of Tim Miller (Deadpool, 2016). (We recommend: Natalia Reyes:” the experience of’ Terminator ‘was very enriching”).

James Cameron was the director of the first two successful installments of The “Terminator” franchise and now joins director Tim Miller to make a perfect pair.

“The best way to understand ‘Terminator: hidden destination’ is to place it as a sequel to ‘Terminator 2: Doomsday’, or as the third film in the series. Let’s continue the story of Sarah and John Connor. Also, the T-800 returns, which plays a different role than what we have seen before,” says Cameron.

  1. Tom Hanks will receive the honorific award at the next Golden Globe gala.

“For more than three decades, Tom has proven to be as competent both behind the camera and in his role as a screenwriter, producer, and director,” says the event statement.

Tom Hanks was chosen by the Association of Foreign Press of Hollywood as the next recipient of the honorary award granted by this institution in the framework of the ceremony of the Golden Globes, the so-called foyer of the Oscar-and, indeed, the gala more fun and light-hearted throughout the season of film awards in the United States. (You may be interested: Forrest Gump turns 25: the real references behind Tom Hanks ‘character)” for more than three decades, it has captivated the public with complex and enriching characters, whom we have ended up loving and admiring. And as on the big screen, Mr. Hanks has proven to be as competent behind the camera as a screenwriter, producer, and director,” says a first excerpt from the release issued about the Cecil B. DeMille Award. “For all of this, it is an honor for us to include you in a list of illustrious professionals to which Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, Martin Scorsese, George Clooney, and Meryl Streep already belong, to name but a few,” added the organization of the celebrated event in his note.

  1. Launch collection inspired by the style of ‘Rachel,’ the fashionista ‘Friends ‘

The style of Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, in the series ‘Friends’ was one of the most reception it had among the followers of the production of Warner Bros, that this Wednesday, the 25th anniversary of its release. It is, therefore, no wonder that the Ralph Lauren brand, in collaboration with Bloomingdale’s department store chain, has released a collection inspired by this character’s outfits. No doubt it’s a tribute because ‘Rachel’ as well as being a fan of fashion, during several seasons of the show he worked for the brand precisely in one of these stores. The garments were released on September 18 and are inspired by the trends of the 1990s.