Louise Reay – Eraserhead: A Review

Bunbury Magazine – 

…or should that be Pea-raserhead? After all, Louise’s planned show for this year cannot be performed due to continuing legal proceedings, with her lawyers telling her there are certain topics which cannot be broached in her comedy, leaving her with material that is ‘hardly groundbreaking for a female comedian’.

Louise’s show is one of high-octane, chaotic energy juxtaposed with very strong and heartbreaking messages of self-expression in the arts, oppression and censorship, which – shhhh – cannot be talked about. Aptly aided by her PA Michael, Louise takes the audience through an hour of innovative comedy about everything from pets, the occult to what it has been like growing up as a woman and fighting for every corner. There are also video calls with Reay’s mother which add even more layers to the tensions that simmer just below the surface.

This is a show that has everything, the whole spectrum of engrossing comedy performance that leaves the audience knowing they have been part of something important, a dialogue that can break through walls that cannot be spoken of. A dialogue that, in 2018, is too important not to have.

Written by Christopher Moriarty.

Louise Reay – Erasehead

Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire, 1615

2nd – 26th August (except 14th)