Mark Simmons – One Linerer

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If one-line comedy were a religion, then Mark Simmons would be a Jedi Master of the craft. I have often thought that it must take an incredible mind to write a complete hour of clever, daft and whimsical word-play. Mark displays the very best of a sharp, quick-firing mind right from the very first moment of this show – he walks amongst the audience with a bag of popcorn, offering it the those gathered. Mark then riffs a few jokes from a quick chat with the various people taking the snack.

This is an hour of comedy of the highest standard, with Mark weaving quick one-line jokes, physical jokes and puns with something I have never seen at a comedy show of this ilk before – a longer narrative, which I will not reveal here but was hugely impressive. Every moment tied together, from start to finish in a set that demonstrates Mark’s ability to play with the form.

This intelligence and awareness comes along with some of the easiest charm to be found in comedy today.

Mark Simmons – One Linerer

Part of the PBH Free Fringe.

Bar Bados.


Until 26th.

Written by Christopher Moriarty