Matthew Crosby: Smaller Than Life

Bunbury Magazine: ★★★★★

OK, cheesy opening. There’s nothing smaller than life about Matthew Crosby’s show. When we first walked in to the room and saw the stage set up – a table with ribena, ryvita and other seemingly random objects – we sat wondering just what we were in store for.

Our questions were answered when Matthew came on to the stage and kicked off an hour of brilliantly strange comedy, ranging from his days as a teacher to Vladimir Putin but all linked together from start to finish.

The props he used for the show were so perfect for what he was doing. He gave us some rules for the show and had a swear jar for himself. Everything is put to wonderfully silly use.

His audience interaction is also sublime. The volunteer he brought up on stage could not have been more perfect for the show, standing at 6″7 (Matthew is self-admittedly quite short) and up for anything, which is just what Matthew – and in the end, the audience – threw at him.

We really do not want to give away to much because this is a show full of daft delights and we cannot recommend it enough. From start to finish, a masterful hour of comedy.

‘Smaller Than Life’ – 1940, The Mash House, 19th – 30th August