Mel Moon: Sick Girl

Bunbury Magazine: ★★★★★

Who Cares if it’s the middle of August? Happy New You!

This wonderful heart-stopping display of honesty and side cracking comedy, all shot though with a slice of dark humour is a once in a life time opportunity. It feels like you’re talking to an old friend and when you meet Mel, you realise, she’s an old friend you haven’t made yet.

The first thing this bold as brass lady asked Bunbury Magazine upon talking to her before the show was ‘Can I come to your wedding’? That sums her up. She’s a lady who has an indeterminate amount of time left and she’s taking it all as a chance to experience everything she wants to.

Mel Moon is determined to take her audience on a journey they’ll remember and that’s exactly what she does. The show is presented with such an awareness and urgency while also being delicate and tender. The performance is exceptionally well put together and masterfully written and evokes strong emotions. It is a humbling experience.

The show is also very well researched, open, very candid and breaks taboos.

If you see one thing this fringe, see this and take the time to speak to Mel afterwards because she is an incredible woman.

It’s impossible not to take away a feeling of empowerment because for all of us, there is no gift shop at this exit.

Mel Moon: Sick Girl, 12:05 The Attic in The Counting House

(Yes Mel, You can come to the Wedding 🙂 x )