Mike Wozniak: One Man Dad Cat Band

Bunbury Magazine: ★★★★

Mike Wozniak opens with a caution to the contents of his show. Personal horror, outrage and facts. These three things are in abundance as he weaves his hour long story about accidentally bringing a cat home in his car last time he appeared at the Fringe.

As the story unfolds, he urges the audience along with his decisions making with a faux-pompous ‘Come on guys. Let’s get serious now’. No sensible person would possibly find themselves in these situations and it is with a wonderful non-sensible attitude that Wozniak tells the tale.

Throughout, the story is punctuated with random ‘facts’ chosen by the audience. These provide great comedic relief from the deepening absurdity of the tale, a device used by Homer and Ovid. We’re not saying the Epic Poets ever wrote about an Edinburgh cat in the back of a comedian’s car but if they did, it might have been something like this.

‘One Man Dad Cat Band’ – 1315, The Free Sisters, 18-30 August