Mr Hennessy Worries His Parents

Bunbury Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mr Hennessy tells me his background was in stand-up comedy, but that he much prefers what he does now, and he is undeniably marvellous at it. ‘Mr Hennessy Worries His Parents’ is perhaps unlike anything you will see at the fringe this year – in fact, you will struggle to find much like it at all.

From the off, Mr Hennessy is relentlessly energetic. From the one man sketch show aspects, to the improvisation, the show is entirely unpredictable, leaving its audience in constant anticipation, always climaxing perfectly.

The show’s spontaneity means that no audience member is safe – thankfully, Mr Hennessy’s ability to enthral them is unparalleled, and in no time at all the whole room buzzes with energy and enthusiasm for the show’s visual vivid physical comedy.

To call him fearless would be an understatement – there are some risky gags, but each and every one really pays off. The show fires off at top speed, non-stop, but never once leaves you behind. Its entirely chaotic, thoroughly ridiculous, and utterly enjoyable.

If you’re after rambunctious, inventive and unprecedented comedy, this is an absolute must-see for the Fringe.

‘Mr Hennessy Worries His Parents’ is at Bar Bados (Venue 32) @12:45, 4th – 25th August. PBH’s Free Fringe 2018.