Njambi McGrath: African in New York

Bunbury Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Njambi McGrath’s ‘African in New York’ is nothing short of groundbreaking from the start. Instantly she has her audience in the palm of her hand, and paves the way for subject matter which, although dark, is both enlightening and rewarding.

Oozing a confidence which is simply delightful to see onstage, nothing is off limits on any side of the racial divide. McGrath adopts cultural cliches and stereotypes with a brilliant sense of irony. At times, her reflections and experiences are strikingly personal, with the power to warm and break your heart all at once, with a seamless flow between the two.

Her sincere and sometimes saddening tales are punctuated wonderfully by her funny and unique insights. Her straightforward outlook on Western cultures and prejudices are presented with engaging humour, and her sometimes dark punchlines are combined so wonderfully with cheerful delivery – McGrath’s is a wicked wit, with a smile.

Marvelling at the innocence in the core of her own stories, McGrath delivers the experiences of retrospect with little cynicism, presenting her humour with relentless energy and boundless charisma, no matter how serious the message she is trying to convey. This is not once to her detriment – McGrath’s comedy is so strikingly powerful, that in the moment you can’t help but laugh, but her stories will stay with you for a long time.

Overall, the show is an absolute gem in every sense. It turns white privilege on its head, and McGrath crafts her wealth of experience into a beautiful and eye-opening performance.

‘African in New York’ is at The Counting House (Venue 170) @13:05, 4-12, 14-24.