Omar & Lee – We Are All Idiots ★★★★★

It was late, the audience was rowdy and these guys were Amazing.

They warmed the audience up with ease and their control throughout was superb. Energetic from start to finish and with a story that was strangely emotive given the overall tone of the performance, these two were a pleasure to behold.

We can say confidently that there was something for everyone in this show, from knuckle grazing ‘Should I laugh at this’ jokes to genuinely side-splitting witticisms and physicality, making this one of the best shows of the fringe.

Think satire infused with almost cartoon-like visual gags and magnificent facial hair, Omar & Lee really do have a unique chemistry  that carries their style of writing perfectly.

We arrived expectant, we left elated.

In short, they are a must-see duo who we predict, have a bright, nay, dazzling future in the industry.