Rachel Fairburn – Skulduggery

Rating – ☆☆☆☆☆

Brilliantly bold and refreshing, the show draws on personal experiences and anecdotes which are both totally relatable, while making you question why they should be relatable in some circumstances.

This carefully constructed, fairly self depreciative show is very well researched and an absolute pleasure to see. It is fabulous to see such a well crafted comedy, mixing subtleties with barefaced honesty.
So easy to listen to with a richness of mischievousness, Rachel Fairburn really is someone everyone must see .

It is a rare thing to see a room worked so superbly. There is an almost conversational ease which makes it feel as though Fairburn could be speaking to you one on one or to a room of thousands, it would still feel wonderfully personal. One of the best shows of the fringe in our opinion.

Rachel Fairburn