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You may have seen Rhea Seren Phillips flogging her wares of epithalamium (wedding and occasion) poetry throughout 2012 in local craft fairs around South Wales. She would have been the scruffy one drinking vast quantities of coffee and trying to exchange poetry for cupcakes, all with very little success.

After completing her Masters at Swansea University in Creative Writing, she decided to leave the world of love letters and happiness behind for the harsh but passionate subject of poetic form and metre, particularly Welsh. Her own website explores the many possibilities of poetic form and metre and includes an easy to follow handbook that was not quite so easy to write. Rhea is a keen rebel and believes in promoting the world of independent publishing above the conventional pursuit of agents and traditional publishing as a way of encouraging new and exciting poetic talent. Although she wouldn’t kick Faber and Faber out of her um, she did have a good ending to that one. One of her many aspirations is that someday her work will be of use to someone, somewhere. She believes that interdisciplinary methods and practises is one of the many ways in which to achieve this aim and is currently considering how her poetry could contribute to interdisciplinary projects; she is very much open to suggestions!

She is very keen on Poetry, as you may have deduced. You can visit her website, The Cunning Little Vixen: An Anthology of Traditional and Welsh Poetic Form and Metre by being extra brave and clicking on the link below. Thank you.

Discover even more about her on her personal website below: