Sarah Iles: Ghosted – A Review

Bunbury Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sarah Iles is an absolute treat to watch. Her show ‘Ghosted’ recalls her tales of online dating which will resonate with any 21st century singleton. Her self-deprecating humour is framed perfectly with her bubbly and endearing personality.

It is with this same sweetness that she savages the suitors in her tales. Her foray into the world of online dating may not have been fruitful, but in the stories emerges a hilarious and heartfelt individual, with a relatable perspective, as she explores the modern epidemic of “ghosting”

She tells us at the beginning of her show that her newly-divorced status has led her to her fresh search for love. She recounts each and every tale with the gift of hindsight, and her welcoming persona makes it feel almost like girls’ night – you find yourself laughing along, whilst nodding your head going “Oh god yeah, been there, done that!” and “Oh my god, no way!” in equal measure.

Although these are stories that will strike a chord with every woman that’s ventured into online dating – from the freakish online messages, to your tinder date’s weird fetishes – Iles has such an appealing stage presence that absolutely anyone will inevitably enjoy this show. Sarah Iles is quite simply very, very funny.

Sarah Iles: Ghosted @ The Counting House, Venue 170, 12:05 until August 26th.