Sean McLoughlin – Hail Mary

Sean McLoughlin – Hail Mary

16:45 Cabaret Voltaire – Main Room. Aug 2-26th

Free Fringe Laughing Horse

Bunbury Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sean McLoughlin’s Hail Mary is a lively, bouncy performance from the very start with excellent audience engagement and superb observational humour.

Brilliantly written and expertly delivered, this powerful performance is also very well structured with lovely little details that really set this show apart.

It is highly immersive and you can lose yourself in this show. It is pure, unadulterated escapism that truly is a pleasure to watch.

McLoughlin is a highly charismatic performer who draws his audience in with one sentence and subverts expectations with another.

The pace and energy is kept up though the entire show which is an incredible thing to witness and the material is consistently hilarious. This is definitely a show which made it difficult to review because I was laughing too much.

You need to go see this show. It’s absolutely fantastic. Let Sean McLoughlin do what he was clearly born to do and make you laugh and completely escape for an hour.

Totally brilliant.